What are those black lines around my house?!?

I have been in several homes lately where the homeowner has complained about the black lines around their baseboards and under the doors.  First, don't think you are a bad house keeper, you have very little control over this happening.  Second, call me and I will help determine what is causing the problem and potentially [...]

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A Rug To Run From!!!

I read this article and thought I would share it with you.  I clean rugs everyday and it's always a surprise to hear a client tell me what a nice rug they have and how proud of it they are only for me to find flaws in the construction while I am inspecting it.  The [...]

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Now That Kids The Kids Are Back In School

  Have You Looked Down Lately? Regardless-if you have school-aged children, or not, August and September tend to be busy for us all. And now that the dust of summer is settling ...let 's take a look down. "What exactly am / looking for?" Hopefully nothing. Let's face it, if your carpets look dirty - [...]

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No Residue Carpet Cleaning

If you listen to the radio you have probably heard those commercials for "no residue carpet cleaning", I am leaving the company's name out on purpose.  These commercials talk about their revolutionary cleaning process that leaves no "dirt attracting residue" which makes the carpet stay cleaner longer.  Well this might surprise you but I agree [...]

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Does Carpet Protection Work?

I often get asked if carpet protection, like Scotch Guard or Teflon, really works or is it just a scam for cleaners to make more money.  Let's start with "does it work?"  All carpet manufactures apply some form of protection to their carpets because they know it works and helps the carpet to last longer, [...]

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