If you listen to the radio you have probably heard those commercials for “no residue carpet cleaning”, I am leaving the company’s name out on purpose.  These commercials talk about their revolutionary cleaning process that leaves no “dirt attracting residue” which makes the carpet stay cleaner longer.  Well this might surprise you but I agree with them, in fact, Ace of Clean has been using this process since before that company even existed.  You see, this is the process that the carpet manufactures and IICRC (carpet cleaning’s governing body) set up years age…

Let’s start by explaining what this type of “no residue carpet cleaning” involves.  There are multiple step to ensure a proper cleaning such as an evaluation, pre-vacuuming, pre-treating, extraction, post grooming, and drying but the main part of this “no residue carpet cleaning” process is the extraction phase.  It’s important that only water be used during this step to ensure proper rinsing, just like when you wash your clothes, your car, or even yourself.  You would never get in the shower, soap up, and then dry yourself off without rinsing and your carpet should be no different.

The reason these commercials have such a good effect is because most companies don’t clean using this “no residue carpet cleaning”.  With the price wars in our industry companies are always trying to outdo the competition and also stay somewhat profitable, the way they do this is to add cleaning solution to their water thus eliminating the pre-treating step.  Of course, doing this means that the carpet is never rinsed causing a residue to be left behind and  therefore the carpets will re soil much faster.

For years I have had clients tell me that after previous cleaning by other companies their carpet would re soil much faster than when they first bought them and this is the #1 reason.  There are other reasons but I will address them in another blog.  Thanks for your time