Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors are gorgeous, but they’re also very difficult to maintain. Eventually, the wood loses its luster and becomes dull and worn-out. If you want to restore your wood flooring to its former glory, give us at Ace For Clean a call. We use a superior cleaning system that scrubs the floor and removes contaminants without damaging them. We offer three different options that use green cleaners.



1 – Intensive Cleaning – Removes hair, dust, grease, residues and contaminants.

2 – Clean and Refinish – Cleaning and refinishing the floor to get a uniform glossy or satiny sheen.

3 – Dust-Free Recoating – Cleaning and refinishing with a uniform glossy, semi-gloss, or satin finish with durable protective coating.

By cleaning and protecting the wood floors, you can ensure that they last for a long time.54cc4877a158d06c33eef5be6a4e6060_sr7e


If you have any questions about our wood floor and carpet cleaning services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Ace For Clean. Our number is 817 267 2223.